Whimsy fish cookies for little boys and girls

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Jul 20th
Whimsy fish cookies
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What child can resist colorful whimsy fish cookies.

When deciding what to put on a cookie platter for an adorable pre-schooler and his equally adorable little sister, I went fishing through (pun intended) my ever-growing cookie cutter collection on a hunt to find something that screamed young, elementary, and juvenile.

Initially I thought about a starfish platter but after decorating two little starfish cookies for them, I decided some whimsy fish would be cute as well, and the tropical fish cookie cutter I got from Karen’s Cookies was perfect for the job.

I set out looking for inspiration for fish cookies, clueless where to begin. You see, fish are not remotely in my field of expertise. In fact, other than sharks, dolphins and salmon, the only fish I feel confident identifying are the various fillets at the fish market.

After stalking Pinterest and Instagram, and scouring the internet, I discovered this: There are as many ways to decorate fish cookies as there are fish in the sea. The possibilities are simply endless.

Well, crumbs!

I was right back where I started and left to my own devices to come up with the perfect set of fish cookies for two wide-eyed, and simply precious little tykes.

I decided I ‘d make the whimsy fish cookies fun, bright and colorful. Nothing too serious because who wants serious when you’re 2 and 4 years old.

Americolor Electric Gel Pastes were the way to go with these so the colors would pop. 

To avoid any possibility of arguments and pre-school tantrums, there’d be blue & green whimsy fish for the little guy.

A few whimsy fish cookies

And pink would be the dominant color for the little girl because I know she loves princesses.

Decorated fish cookies for a girl-001

In other words, a little bit girlie and a little bit of macho.

Because I never want to be the one responsible for a total meltdown when it comes to small children. 

I just shipped these yesterday so the kids haven’t gotten them yet but I hope the whimsy fish put a smile on their little faces. 

Now I’m off to finish some lighthouses, fish tanks, and shark cookies I’m working on: All part of the nautical and ocean themed marathon I’ve been on for more than a week now. 

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