The Winter Olympics and Team USA

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Jan 26th
Winter Olympics Cookies
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My Superbowl XLV111 cookies were the first in a series of sports-themed cookies I’ve decorated over the past few weeks.

I didn’t set out to. It just so happened that everyone who’s needed cookies lately has asked for something in the realm of team sports.

It’s funny how it goes in spurts like that. 

So while I was at it, it was only fitting that I decorate a few cookies to commemorate the greatest of all international sporting events: The Olympics.

And of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a special shout out to Team USA.

Sochi Olympics 2014

The upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi has been plagued by controversy and concerns for months now and it’s so unfortunate.

Unusually warm weather, threat of attacks, and the lack of suitable hotel rooms have sadly overshadowed the stories of men and women from around the world who have dedicated their lives to earning one of the coveted spots on their country’s Olympic team. 

For these athletes, there is no greater honor. 

When I painted my matryoshka doll cookies last week, it didn’t even cross my mind that the Winter Olympics were also going to be held in Russia. I guess they were a prelude to the Olympic cookies.

With these cookies I wanted to pay tribute to a few sports and I decided these cookies were going to be monochromatic. 

That’s how my sledding cookies were intended to be, but I changed my mind on those at the last-minute. I was sticking to it with these.

Winter Olympics Cookies

I traced my templates onto cookies that I had flooded and allowed to dry.  

how to use a kopykake machine

Then I outlined and flooded small areas of each cookie and allowed them to dry for a few minutes in front of a fan before moving onto another area.

Had I flooded everything at once there wouldn’t have been any depth to the design and thus the drying time in between.

decorating Olympic cookies

For my USA letters and stars I used Americolor Super Black, Tulip Red, and Royal Blue. 

I began by outlining the letters and sectioning off the cookies using my black icing.

Team USA cookies

Once the outline dried I went to town decorating the different sections.

Some areas were marbled, some got little dots and lines, and other areas were simply flooded. 

decorating cookies for Team USA

I didn’t intend for there to be any rhyme or reason to the patterns on the letters or on the stars. It was just random.

Team USA Olympic Cookies

As long as the Red, White, and Blue stood out loud and clear, that’s all I cared about.  

Sochi Olympics 2014

Whether it be the bobsled or ski jumping, figure skating or the luge, I’ll be one of the millions cheering on Team USA at the Winter Olympics in less than two weeks. 

And I hope you will be too! 

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