Swim Team Cookies

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Jan 30th
Cookies for a Swim Team
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I promised my niece I’d send cookies for her and her teammates. Shannon’s on the swim team at Siena College in New York.

The team had come to a BBQ at my house while they were in Florida. They are just the cutest bunch of girls ever, and Sal & I had a great time with them.

Shannon was a freshman at the time, which is significant when it comes to the swim team cookies as you’ll come to understand in a moment.

Flip Flop Cookies

I made cake pops for the team that day. Just plain old cake pops. Nothing fancy, but you’d have thought they were rolled in gold the way the girls reacted to them. It was actually amusing and it dawned on me how much you miss homemade treats when you’re away at college. So I promised to send a care package of baked goods up to Siena for them. 

OK, so the BBQ was three years ago, Shannon is now a junior and I’ve only recently gotten around to shipping that care package up to them.

Yes, I’ve been a bit remiss and figured I’d better get moving on the swim team cookies or I’d be sending them graduation cookies before I knew it. I finally made the cookies.

As I said when I posted my Winter Olympic cookies, sports themes have been my focus lately.

The flip-flops were the easy part and I was very tempted to just make a bunch of flip-flops and send them on their way.

flip flop decorated cookies

But no. I couldn’t leave well-enough alone. I thought it would be more fun to incorporate some actual swimmers in the set.

Even though the very thought of making them made me just about break out in hives!

And rightly so. Once again the body parts proved to be extremely difficult to decorate. I don’t know what it is about me, cookies, and body parts, but there’s a real love-hate relationship going on.

The color scheme for the swim team set is green & gold: Siena’s school colors.

To make the flip-flop cookies you need:

Forest Green food coloring and 20-second icing (this consistency, explained by Callye, has become my go-to lately)
Gold 20-second icing (I mixed just a bit of gold into some egg yellow icing)
I used this flip-flops pair cutter, which I love
Edible markers
Parchment cones (I didn’t use and tips and couplers)

With my edible marker I drew the outline of one flip-flop on each cookie. I did this to make the decorating easier: I was able to visualize and flood one flip-flop at a time.

decorating flip flop cookies

I set them aside until they had set, about 30 minutes, and then I flooded the other flip-flop on each cookie.

decorating flip flop cookies

At this point I let them dry completely before adding the straps.

swim team cookies

Now I began to tackle my swimmers.

I had this swimmer cutter but didn’t really know what to do with it and needed some inspiration.

I searched around the internet to see what other cookie decorators had done but couldn’t really find anything that caught my eye. I was on my own here and would have to draw from every ounce of my creativity cells to design something that looked like a female swimmer, in a Siena swim team uniform, in the water.

Oh, Lord! Try to focus on how adorable the splashing water came out since that’s probably the best part of these cookies.

swimmer cookies

To decorate the swimmer cookies you need:

The following food coloring: Egg yellow, gold, purple, forest green and royal blue
20-second icing: Tan, forest green, gold/yellowish, royal blue, and white
Black piping icing
Edible markers
Parchment cones

I made my tan royal icing using Callye’s method from The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle. I know I pointed that out when I decorated my sledding cookies, but it’s so good that it’s worth pointing it out again.

I flooded the shape of the girl, not worrying about the bottom of the cookie as I knew I was going to add water.

After the tan icing had set I added a green swim cap.

cookies for swimmers

And a bathing suit and goggles.

I made 4 swimmer cookies. Two of them are facing forward and two were decorated as if they are facing the opposite way. Hopefully you were able to figure that out on your own. Sal couldn’t so I thought I’d point it out.

decorating swimming cookies

And then I added the water with my royal blue icing. As I mentioned, I wanted to show motion here so I piped some long and short lines, and scattered dots to make it appear as if the water is splashing.

The water was a success. 

Actually, I liked the swimmers a lot until I tried to add the fingers, elbow and other body parts with my edible markers.

That’s when things got scary. Even the little eyes made the girls look as though they’re terrified of being attacked by my edible markers!

cookies for swimmers

So the swim team cookies have been baked, decorated, and shipped.


And I will continue to work on my body part issues. There has to be a solution and I’m not going to give up until I master it.

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