Superbowl in the Northeast

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Jan 22nd
Decorated Superbowl Cookies
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A Superbowl in the Northeast. This is a first. 

The word on the street from the naysayers is that a Superbowl in the Northeast is just plain crazy. As if it should be held, oh I don’t know, maybe in Miami again? 

It’s been a topic of conversation down here since way back in 2010, when it was decided that the Superbowl would be held up north. 

Yesterday’s snowstorm gives them all the more reason to complain about it. As if they’ve proven their point.

Personally, I think it’s going to be great. It’s different, and it’s exciting. 

And besides, this is a dream come true for the NFL. What better market is there than the NY/NJ area? And, in a brand new stadium that boasts all the bells and whistles.

Superbowl XLV111 cookies

Except for a dome that is.

Nope, there is no dome to shelter the fans from the elements.

And winter in the northeast means COLD so I just had to poke a little fun at Superbowl XLV111 with my Superbowl cookies.

Just the thought of those piles of snow, the wind whipping through the stadium, and downright frigid temperatures chills me to the bone. I went to one – only one – professional football game up north. It was a Jet game at Shea Stadium.

Never again. Although I love football, freezing for the sake of watching a game is just not my cup of tea. I admit it.

It was bitter cold and I spent most of the game sitting on the radiator in the ladies room, trying to warm up! I missed just about every play, and I was miserable. 

Superbowl cookies

But real football fans are tough. They’re die-hard, loyal, gritty (in a good way), and passionate. A bit of snow and ice isn’t going to deter them.  

And I’m sure they wouldn’t be caught dead sitting on the radiator in the ladies room.

Bus cookies

On February 2, we’ll be braving the elements along with millions of others as we tune in to watch Denver and Seattle battle it out in Superbowl XLV111.

There’ll be an endless stream of beverages, and the tables will be well-stocked with wings, pico de gallo and other assorted dips and chips. The grill will be pumping out brats and sausages along with all the fixings a fan could hope for.

There’ll be a lot of yelling and hand slapping, as well as some not-so-friendly comments about the flags that are thrown by the refs, I’m sure.

Some things that will be missing at our Superbowl party? Blankets, mittens & hats, and ear muffs. There won’t be a need for hot chocolate and coffee either. The temperature is expected to hover somewhere in the high 60’s to low 70’s and I can deal with that.

Superbowl XLV11 cookies

We’ll be in the back yard, sitting on the patio, watching one of the TV’s that Sal hooks up for the event.

It’s Superbowl, South Florida style and I’m content to watch it on TV.

I guess, in the minds of some of the die-hards, I wouldn’t be considered a true fan, and that’s OK. I’ll be warm and that’s more important to me.

Superbowl in the northeast

What about you? What do you think about a Superbowl in the Northeast, or anywhere up north without a dome? 






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